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Korean Content That Is Popular in Foreign Countries These Days

Korean Content That Is Popular in Foreign Countries These Days

Before the arrival of streaming services like Netflix, watching Korean dramas and movies was a challenge. As a result, Korean immigrants supplemented their viewing with bootleg VHS tapes or DVDs. These illegal tapes and DVDs often did not feature subtitles, making them unsuitable for audiences who do not speak the language.


Hallyu is a form of Korean content that has become popular around the world. The genre originated in South Korea and spread quickly to Japan, China, and Southeast Asia. It continues to have a strong influence in many other countries. The Korean government has taken steps to promote its popular culture in foreign countries, including Japan and the United States.


Many foreign countries are taking notice of the growing popularity of Korean dramas and music. The catchy tunes from K-pop bands are catching on worldwide. Even people who haven’t watched Korean dramas may have heard the original soundtracks. In the past few months, several Korean titles have appeared on the Netflix India trending list. They include the hit drama Kingdom 2, the film Crash Landing on You, and the documentary on the K-pop girl group BLACKPINK.


Korean entertainment is becoming increasingly popular in foreign countries. Popular K-pop groups are gaining worldwide popularity, and a lot of their content is multilingual. For example, the singers of the group Exo are multilingual and perform in both Korea and China. The group is a symbol of cultural transition. In 2020, Tokyo will host the Summer Olympics, while Beijing will host the Winter Olympics.

Korean food

One of the most popular Korean dishes is bingsu, or cold soup. You can have it plain or add corn flakes and fruit to make it extra special. It’s a perfect summer treat.

Hallyu idols

Hallyu is the popularity of Korean pop culture, ranging from music and TV shows to movies and sports. The Korean government has a dedicated ministry for pop culture, which allocates resources to promote the industry. Hallyu has become a lucrative export for Korea, and the government is supporting its expansion. The Korean wave has become popular all over the world, but it faces some challenges. The Korean government needs to support the industry to remain profitable, while not causing overexposure of its idols and celebrities.

Hallyu has boosted tourism to South Korea

In recent years, the Hallyu phenomenon has been a major driver of tourism to South Korea. Since its inception in 1998, the number of foreign visitors to South Korea has increased. While the country received around 300,000 foreign tourists annually in 1998, it is now home to nearly 11.8 million.

Hallyu has boosted exports of Korean food

Hallyu is a cultural phenomenon that has catapulted South Korea onto the international stage. It has expanded the influence of Korean pop culture and creative economy. The Korean government must continue to capitalize on all of its cultural and entertainment products to further increase the brand equity of Korea.

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