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Perro Abandonado Lyrics

Perro Abandonado lyrics are a must-read for any fan of the pop-rock band. The song is a powerful cry of love, and it is the perfect soundtrack to any party or celebration. The lyrics are sung by Ivan Cornejo and appear on their album SYNERGIA, which was released in 2022. You can learn more about the song by reading this article.

Ivan Cornejo

The song “Perro Abandonado” by Ivan Cornejo is a popular track from his latest album, SYNERGIA. It was released on 11 February 2022. Originally written for the film “San Andreas,” the song is a love letter to a purebred stray. Ivan Cornejo is from Riverside, California. This is his first song with an English translation.


If you’re looking for Shakira’s Perro Abandonedo lyrics, you’ve come to the right place. Originally released in 2005, the song is one of her most well-known songs, with a rap verse by Bad Bunny. She’s become one of the most popular pop stars in recent years, and the lyrics to this song have won many fans over.

Shakira translations

If you want to know the lyrics of Shakira’s “Perro Abandonedo” then you can find them here. The lyrics of this song are written by Ivan Cornejo. The translations below will help you to understand the meaning of the song. Here are the lyrics of Perro Abandonedo in English. Hopefully, this translation will help you to understand the lyrics of Shakira’s “Perro Abandonedo” and what is meant by it.

Shakira translations for Perro Abandonado

This song has many meanings, so finding Shakira translations for Perro Adandonado can be a real challenge. The lyrics were written by Ivan Cornejo and are quite short. But you can still find a lot of information about the meanings of Shakira lyrics for Perro Abandonado on the Internet. The Spanish translation of the song ends with the line: “I haven’t forgotten about you.”

The original Spanish lyrics for Perro are very similar to those for Vente Pa’ Ca, which was also performed by Ricky Martin. Shakira’s lyrics for Perro are more complex. However, it is easy to find Shakira translations for Perro on sites such as Translate Lyrics. Perro has 8 authoritative English translations, including one by Shakira.

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