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Shiba Inu and Netflix Partnership

The upcoming Shiba Inu movie has several facets, including its involvement with Netflix. The
lead developer of the game, Shytoshi Kusama, has tagged the company in a number of tweets.
According to PlanetCrypto, Shytoshi could be hinting at the possibility of acquiring movie
rights for the game. In one of his recent tweets, Shytoshi said that he had written a movie
script and would love to produce it for Netflix.
In the latest teaser, the Shiba Inu has been teasing its fans with new surprises. The teaser
video consists of a 16-second clip wherein the Shiba Inu logo appears on various television
screens, accompanied by the sound of a clucking chicken. Later, two kitchen utensils appear
on a screen, turning into an X. What could these two brands be up to?
The lead developer of the Shiba Inu ecosystem, Shytoshi Kusama, has been tagging Netflix
several times in recent tweets. Crypto Twitter users have speculated that the teaser is a tease
for the Netflix collaboration. The Japanese breed has been rumored to appear in a film since
October 2021. But there has been no official confirmation, yet.
As for the Netflix partnership, Shytoshi tweeted about the new project a few weeks ago, hinting
at a potential collaboration. In a separate tweet, Shytoshi revealed that he has already written
a script. If all goes well, a Netflix movie will be released next year, in 2023. The teaser has
certainly wowed the SHIB army, but investors have their own thoughts.
The team behind the Shiba Inu game is planning a Twitter Spaces Ask Me Anything (AMA)
session on Tuesday, and they’ll likely feature two special guests. While it is unknown who will
be on the AMA, it’s likely that Volk and Kusama will discuss the development of Shiba Inu
games. In the meantime, they’re going to update their followers on how Shiba Inu is
progressing with the Netflix partnership.
upcoming event
In a recent tweet, lead developer Shytoshi Kusama teased that the company has a partnership
with Netflix, teasing the company’s audience of potential movie rights. A small Shiba Inu logo
was placed on a number of television screens, along with two cooking utensils. The video ends
with a chicken clucking. It’s unclear what the collaboration is, but the social media community
is going wild.
In addition to the AMA, the team of Shiba Inu will host a Twitter Spaces Ask Me Anything
(AMA) on Tuesday. The event will be hosted by Shiba Inu’s lead developer, Shytoshi Kusama,
as well as former Activision head William Volk. Among the speakers are the Shib Informer,
Archangel, and Queenie, who is the official moder of the meme coins Discord channel. The
AMA will start at 8 a.m. EST.
The team also announced a collaboration with Welly’s, an Italian fast-food chain. The Shiba
Inu ecosystem is gearing up to unveil some big stuff in the NFT space. The official Discord
moderator Queenie hinted at an announcement in 2022, but did not specify when. Despite the
time-frame, the upcoming event is likely to have a bullish impact on Shiba Inu’s price.
The Shiba Inu was initially launched as a direct competitor to DOGECOIN. However, unlike
DOGECOIN, SHIBA INU’s token will have a more limited lifespan and may be a’meme coin’
instead. This coin is expected to top out at $0.00004, which is close to the DOGECOIN price.
With Netflix’s massive reach across the globe, the Shiba Inu can become an important part of
a larger media enterprise.
410 trillion Shiba Inu coins have already been burned
Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, burned a Shiba Inu coin recently. However, he has a
point. The amount of SHIB that is circulating is massive – over 1,000 trillion. The fact that so
many SHIB have already been burned limits their future value. However, data shows that
several initiatives are burning more SHIB every day.

According to the Ethereum blockchain, over 410 trillion Shiba Inu coins are already burned.
This represents over 41% of the total supply of SHIB. The cryptocurrency had a meteoric rise
in October 2021, reaching a high of $0.00008616 on Oct. 28. Buterin’s decision to burn his
coins isn’t surprising, as his donation of the token was a good cause.
Vitalik’s decision to burn SHIB impacted the Shiba Inu tokens’ price. With more SHIB coins
available, prices will fall. As a result, Shiba Inu coin prices sank by 30% the same day. Worse,
the Shiba Inu community panicked and began selling their tokens for a mere fraction of what
they were worth.
The Shiba Inu cryptocurrency has taken the crypto meme one step further by burning more
than 25 million of its tokens. A SHIB token burned to a special address called @shibburn
cannot be withdrawn from circulation and sent to another party. This method is used by
developers of the Shiba Inu coin to limit its supply. This is also a method of inflation control.
Netflix’s involvement with Shiba Inu
Shytoshi Kusama, the lead developer of the Shiba Inu ecosystem, has been teasing the movie
company in several tweets. The developer has said that he already has a script, and would like
to produce the movie. This is not the first time Shytoshi has teased a movie collaboration. The
company previously collaborated with Activision on the movie “Bitcoin Killer.”
The virtual world that will comprise the metaverse will have 100,595 plots of land, divided into
private and public segments. Plots will be available for purchase in the first phase, and the
rest will be locked for public use. The Shiba ecosystem will play a crucial role in the
metaverse, and LEASH holders will have first dibs on the public plots. While this may seem
exciting, prospective investors should remain wary of Shiba Inu’s ambitious plans.
The company behind Shiba Inu says that the coin is not a cryptocurrency, but a “decentralized
exchange” centered around the dog breed. The coin is unlike dogecoin, which was created
primarily as a means of tipping online creators. Shiba Inu developers want to dominate the
dog-themed coin market, so they’re pushing hard to make it big.
The cryptocurrency’s recent rise has surprised many investors, as Shiba Inu has surpassed
most popular digital tokens in a single day. The market cap of the cryptocurrency is over $19
billion, and it’s been listed in several exchanges. In addition to Netflix’s involvement in Shiba
Inu, the cryptocurrency has received a boost in recent days due to Elon Musk’s tweets.

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