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Which Married At First Sight Australia season 7 couples are still together?

Married at First Sight Australia season seven originally aired last year on Nine Network, a channel only available Down Under. The same series then made its way to the UK on E4 but are any of the couples still together? Here’s everything we know about the relationship statuses of season seven.
WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Married at First Sight Australia season 7.
Lizzie starred in the sixth season of the reality series where she was married to Sam Ball but they decided to end things three weeks after the wedding when he was accused of having an affair with co-star Ines Basic.
She wanted to try and find love once again so returned for season seven where she was partnered up with Seb Guilhaus.
Despite the couple going all the way in the show, in a joint post on Instagram, they announced in January they had gone their separate ways.
They said: “We have mutually decided to end our relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend.
“We want to thank everyone for the endless support we have received on our platforms.”
One couple who didn’t make it to the end was Josh Pihlak and Cathy Evans who made the decision to part ways before the end of the series.
Cathy disappeared one night after a commitment ceremony and admitted to having trust issues.
Josh said: “It’s all good and well to act like the happy couple on camera, but it should be exactly the same off-camera too.”
Sparks never really flew between Natasha and Mikey during the series.
So it didn’t come as too much of a surprise when they split, choosing to miss the final dinner party with the rest of the couples.
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This pair was MAFS’s first-ever lesbian couple and at first, things were looking positive.
But the morning after tying the knot, they realised there was no “soul-level connection” which they were looking for.
They ended their relationship early on and now Tasha is seeing someone new.
David and Hayley’s relationship took a turn for the strange when pictures of him cleaning the toilet with her toothbrush came out.
This happened after it was revealed Hayley had kissed her co-star Michael.

Hayley wanted to get revenge on David so chose to “stay” but the experts overruled and told them to leave.

When they first met, there did seem to be a connection between Chris and Vanessa.
But it was clear later on there was no spark as they continued to get into blazing rows with one another, putting an end to their marriage.
There seemed to be some potential with Jonethen and Connie for a while.
This was until she called him “immature” and they decided to split up.

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There were various similarities between Aleks and Ivan with her labelling her new husband as the “male version” of herself.
They went all the way in the show but it was confirmed on the reunion episode by co-star Natasha that they were no longer a thing.

She said: ­”From what I understand Ivan still has a lot of love for Aleks and what I understand from Aleks is that Ivan was becoming really close with Mikey and as we all have seen
Mikey is a bit of a playboy party boy and Ivan was getting a bit too sucked into that lifestyle.

“So Aleks was like, ‘Why am I about to move my life from Perth?’ so from what I understand she’s completely blocked Ivan and doesn’t talk to him on anything.”
Stacey was less than keen to get to know her new husband Michael when they first met.
The tension between them then led to him kissing his co-star Hayley and the couple splitting up.
When Stacey was questioned in a Q&A if she would consider reuniting with Michael, she said: “I would rather swallow acid and die.”
There was some potential with Drew and KC as they remained on good terms throughout the process but in the end, they decided to just be friends.
KC is now reportedly dating her co-star Michael.

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